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Process Pilot® Automated Blowmolder Control System-Agr Vietnam

Mô tả: Process Pilot® Automated Blowmolder Control System
Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
Tình trạng: Mới 100%
Xuất xứ: Agr International
Ngày đăng: 17-10-2014

Chi tiết sản phẩm


Process Pilot® Automated Blowmolder Control System


The Process Pilot® automated blowmolder control system is a combination of software and hardware interface components that work in conjunction with the Pilot Profilermeasurement system to provide a hands-free means to maintain the blowmolding process.  The Process Pilot control system utilizes feedback from the Pilot Profiler system to continually monitor material distribution and automatically adjust blowmolder settings to maintain optimal bottle distribution characteristics, without operator intervention. The Process Pilot system eliminates time-consuming manual steps in the blowmolding management process, resulting in reduced process variability and improved bottle performance and quality.

“The Process Pilot system can control the blowmolder process to a level of precision unmatched by methods that rely on limited feedback from weight-based data.”

The Process Pilot automated blowmolder control system offers more effective management of common blowmolder issues such as:

  • Preform variability
  • Startup transients
  • Environmental changes
  • Operator experience
  • Overall more consistent blowmolder operation
  • Reduced process and environmental variability
  • Improved ability to light weight
  • Improved overall bottle quality and performance
  • Reduced rejects and scrap


  • Easy to use, “set and go” style operation
  • Adjustable process control limits
  • Built-in alarms and controls to protect the blowmolder
  • Simultaneous management of multiple parameters including oven lamps, pressure, preform temperature and timing
  • Compatible with all major brand blowmolders
  • Seamless integration with Agr Pilot Profiler distribution monitoring systems and Pilot Vision inspection system


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